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one_starone_star“Respectable rebellion is the third album from Helen Turner and Sharon Winfield and it is everything you could possibly want from two singer songwriters working together. Opening track ‘The Queen of Holloway’ throws itself out of the speakers in a burst of energy and the album barely lets up until ‘Raven Mother’ and ‘Grandfather’s Ghost’ which offer a few quieter moments. Two strong voices drive the music along with harmonies that might be called strident if the word didn’t have negative connotations. They are certainly not sweet and pretty but they work in the context of songs that are equally powerful.

Union Jill’s own instrumentation is augmented by a remarkable cast. Topping that bill is Clive Gregson who produced the album with John Wood and plays guitar and keyboards. Andy Seward is on bass with Mark Boyce drumming, while even more sonic textures are added by Kate St John and Ric Sanders.

The style is essentially English with splashes of Americana but I have to say that I find the production almost too good. The accompaniments are welded to the voices matching every swell and diminuendo, but I do feel the need for the occasional ragged edge.” Dai Jeffries

We recorded the album live! We’ll try harder to have worse production and be more ragged next time, must forget to rehearse! – Hee Hee  ;)

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