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Sharon Sharon knew from a very early age that music was her talent.  She learned guitar from the age of 8 and moved on to flute – gaining grade 8 and currently studying for her diploma.   Her collection of instruments has grown to include various guitars, a mandola, a banjo, a concert flute, an Irish flute and whistles.

Her songwriting began in earnest in her 20s.  Being a prolific writer, she appeared on BBC Radio York every week for two years with a topical song!

Sharon is particularly inspired to tell stories in her lyrics and searches out the unusual (and sometimes dark) tales worth recounting.  Being a history buff, she often finds herself re-telling stories from the past.

Sharon plays a Moon acoustic guitar, a Simon and Patrick dreadnought acoustic guitar (tuned to DADGAD normally), a Fylde Mandola, an Epiphone banjo (apparently they don’t make this particular model anymore) and a Guo Grenaditte flute.


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