Woodman Folk Club, Kingswinford

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The Woodman Folk Club in Kingswinford was a lovely place to play.  Our journey down there was a breeze and Tamworth Services beckoned where they’d saved our usual table for chai latte.  After discussing Sharon’s hair experiment (!) we decided to break out the frocks for the second time.  We arrived (isn’t satnav technology brilliant!) to be greeted by narrow boats and a lovely canal side.  We unloaded our ridiculous number of instruments and were made so welcome we felt immediately at home.

The sound was excellent!  We were spoiled by the onstage monitoring – every string could be heard which was a real treat for us!  We were equally impressed by the local acts and pinched a few ideas for tunings!

We’ve discovered there are two kinds of audience; one sort is quiet and attentively enjoys the show, the other gets stuck to be part of the show.  The Woodman Folk Club has the second type of audience and we enjoyed the lively banter and interaction!  It was as though we were being entertained!  Clive Gregson is right – a fab place to play.  (He’ll be there in November btw).

A big thanks to Debra and the team who run the club – long may it thrive!

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